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  • My Dream Last Night

    02/02/12 We were at the movies. It was late at night. Me & my friend were there. It was also a carnival thing too. So we were walking around & stuff. Then, demons were trynna attack us like the ones in Charmed. While they were trying to attack us, we kept on finding ways to defeat them. It was 2 something in the morning by then. Then, there was this unhappy mermaid who wanted to kill everybody because of her unhappiness. However, I found a way to keep her calm. I found a necklace that belongs to her girlfriend. For a moment, we were at peace, until 2 demons tried to kill us again. We hid behind the, now, sleeping mermaid. They were saying my wife Stephenie’s name. They were saying that in order to know if I’m really in love, they’ll have to kill her. But then, of course, I’m not gonnna let that happpen. I let them chase me by the mermaid. As soon as they stepped on her tail, she went ballistic! She had the 2 demons so scared! She sang a melody that summoned her whole crew with other creatures & stuff. They came in with a big wave of tsunami only targeting on the demons. So the demons were intimidated. Then, I woke up.

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