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  • My dream last night,

    I got away from a zombie but it was still scary.

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    My Dream Last Night

    *it’s 3:26 a.m. & I don’t want to have this dream anymore.* My school had a tumblr meet up. When I came back from it, I saw my girlfriend hugging one of these girls from our school. It’s not an ordinary hug, it’s one of the hugs she gives me, even better. But like always, I just walked pass her because I know I don’t have to worry. Then when I was peeing, the girl came in the bathroom. Somehow, I was peeing without closing the stall and nobody had a problem with it. Right in front of me, my girlfriend walks in & starts tonguing the girl down IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I was fucking shocked. My heart skipped a beat & it was hard for me to breathe. After I peed, I saw one of my friends Karina, sooo she walked me to my bus stop. I told her what just happened. She was shocked too! I got on the bus by myself and somehow, my girlfriend managed to get in my house too. I was asking her questions about it, & she was just quiet. However, when I was just quiet, & asked her why she kissed that girl in front of my face, she came out saying, ” Oh, you ain’t know. We’ve been talking. Why do you think I hug her like that everyday?” After that, I WENT OFF. I told her to get out of my life & my house, with a threat telling her to watch out for my uncle because he might kill her for this. I went in my room & I saw my sister. I was just a fucking wreck. My sister, not only is mad at her friend, ” the girl ”, but is so much more upset at my girlfriend more for hurting me. She was ready to fight her!! I broke down. And as I remember, my last words were, ”I TRUSTED HER!” Then I woke up …

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    My Dream Last Night

    02/02/12 We were at the movies. It was late at night. Me & my friend were there. It was also a carnival thing too. So we were walking around & stuff. Then, demons were trynna attack us like the ones in Charmed. While they were trying to attack us, we kept on finding ways to defeat them. It was 2 something in the morning by then. Then, there was this unhappy mermaid who wanted to kill everybody because of her unhappiness. However, I found a way to keep her calm. I found a necklace that belongs to her girlfriend. For a moment, we were at peace, until 2 demons tried to kill us again. We hid behind the, now, sleeping mermaid. They were saying my wife Stephenie’s name. They were saying that in order to know if I’m really in love, they’ll have to kill her. But then, of course, I’m not gonnna let that happpen. I let them chase me by the mermaid. As soon as they stepped on her tail, she went ballistic! She had the 2 demons so scared! She sang a melody that summoned her whole crew with other creatures & stuff. They came in with a big wave of tsunami only targeting on the demons. So the demons were intimidated. Then, I woke up.

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    My Dream Last Night

    12/28/11 I was in a building watching these people shoot a zombie movie. Unfortunately, there were real hidden zombies in it so when my mother got bitten & everybody was all in the building, slowly, people started getting infected. So that’s when I found a way out. Theree was this boarder line where the fully infected couldn’t escape & the mortal ones can go out, even the ones that just got bitten. About 30 of us escaped & a few were bitten so we asked them to go back. Then we found this secret portal with a man trying to save the world. Before we go in there, some people were willing to stay in contact with me & go back in the building so we can stop them. People started to change up so we went in the portal & then I woke up.

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    My Dream Last Night

    12/27/11. This girl was affected by this epidemic & it’s from bed bugs. Anybody can be affected by it, by any chance. If you get bitten, you’re gonnna be automatically obsessed to the first person you see when you wake up. Unfortunately, this tall girl saw me first. I don’t even remember who she is but she’s super crazy but sexy! Eventually, it got really scary. She was EVERYWHERE I go. I liked it at first but it got super crazy. She wanted to kiss me every minute, even in front of my Filipino ass family. Shit. Then, I woke up.

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    My Dream Last Night …

    The school was together for New Year’s eve. Fireworks were present. Sadly, we were all gonnna die one by one because it was our final destination.along with that, the mall that we were in had a killer looking for me & my friend, Andre. So then we were hiding & running from the fireworks & the killer at the same time. Then, we went through a cut with a gangster & a gun. He chased us & then we saw a good hiding place! But, while we were hiding, my other friend Kassandra came to give us cookies, left it in front of the door we were hiding at. Little did she know, the killer was right by the front of the door. After, she went in a door that says “tnt” then the killer saw the bang of it. Obviously, the killer’s gonnna be thinking that’s us. Omg, on the surprising side, another door beside ours had somebody hiding there too. It was a girl & she said, “save her!” … I was crying because if I don’t run outt, Kassandra’s gonnna die :’( then I woke up!

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