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  • My Dream Last Night

    1/1/12 So we were in Antipolo, it was raining hard & stuff. All of a sudden, everybody in the village started hating us. I saw Stephan being extra gay, Brielle & China being extra mean, and the rest of our little cousins around supporting us. It was just chaotic. The people attacked our house with fire, ice cubes, & stuff while we protected frankie. Like, they literally marched back & forth to call Frankie a lottttta mean names. Then we got on a submarine, this guy that I don’t remember saves frankie. Everybody was in the water of the flood and then this guy just ran over them with his boat! He saved frankiee by then. Then me, my mom, & one of my lolos, lolo nonoy, went outside. Omg, the clouds were moving from dark to extra bright! Like it was a black blanket being pulled off on top of a white table. The sun was shining so bright then these ladies came up to us & said to my mom, “youur daughter is the last of the three legends of the prophecy. Whoever is hated on a stormy day followed by these bright clouds represents a sign. Your baby is an angel and so as mine too. ” Then she started naming all the people that were legends too. Then I woke up.

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